Undermining the expertise of teachers is a losing bet: why factory-model education reforms just won’t win

By Melanie Ralph Suites of ready-made resources may be a crutch for some teachers, but we stand to lose the best and brightest if we pursue more top-down reforms that would deskill teachers and kick a struggling profession while it’s already down. Recently, think tank The Grattan Institute published a report titled Ending the lesson […]

Student Engagement: A Dynamic Process

This article was published on the EducationHQ website, June 2017: https://au.educationhq.com/news/40144/student-engagement-its-not-just-about-gimmicks-and-smoke-machines/ Teachers are working as hard as they ever have, yet schools across Australia are struggling to engage students. This year, a Grattan Institute study revealed that 40% of Australian students are passively disengaged from school. The study suggests this disengagement could be a result of […]