Money can’t buy status: Why Labor’s pitch to improve teaching is tragically misguided

Article published on ABC, Thu 19 May 2022 Amid the cacophony of noise that the 2022 federal election campaign has generated, Labor has tried to respond to alarming teacher shortages and the so-called “disaster” of student test scores by pledging to “pay students who get an ATAR of 80 or over up to $12,000 a year if they […]

Here’s a modest proposal for addressing the teacher shortage: stop denigrating teaching and teachers

By Melanie Ralph Published on ABC 22 Mar 2022. Link here: This term in Queensland, teachers have navigated a further wave of the Omicron variant of COVID-19, followed by devastating floods that have left many families without a home. Beyond Queensland, teachers across the country have summoned a kind of Sisyphean strength over the […]

Incentivising Quality: It Will Take More Than Carrots to Keep Teachers in Classrooms

By Melanie Ralph   Last year, along with many other Queensland teachers, I applied to be accredited as a Highly Accomplished Teacher (HAT).  The certification involves the submission of a portfolio which is annotated against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST), as well as classroom observations. At Stage 1, the portfolio is assessed by […]

Cultivating a reading culture

An interest of mine as a teacher is cultivating a culture of reading in my classroom. I believe the lack of time devoted to reading in schools is underpinned by an assumption that students read at home. Therefore, many teachers absolve themselves of the responsibility to ensure reading becomes part of students’ lifestyles and is […]

Is Flipped Learning looking at education the wrong way?

Article published on Education HQ Australia. Flipped learning, the brainchild of American teacher Jonathan Bergmann, has become a buzzword in education. According to Bergmann, a self-proclaimed “evangelist” of Flipped Learning, instead of coming to class to watch the teacher lecture, students watch the lecture at home and then come to class to practice what they’ve […]

Life stories great for Social and Emotional Learning

This story appeared in the November 2017 edition of Australian Teacher Magazine. Click here for link. Emotions have a profound impact on our memory and our learning. In his book, Teaching with the Brain in Mind, Eric Jensen asserts, “mind and emotions are not separate; emotions, thinking and learning are all linked”.  This year, I […]