Rob Plevin – this stuff works!

When it comes to behaviour management, I like to think I am going to be forever polishing my skills and collecting new strategies to try out. Sometimes behaviour management strategies work, and sometimes they fall flat. But beyond that, I believe the key is to maintain positivity, a belief in the students and the ability to come into the classroom every day with new strategies if the old one’s aren’t working!

Enter: Rob Plevin. I found Rob on YouTube when I was researching behaviour management tips. Rob is an ex head teacher from England with a lot of experience working with at-risk youth. The video I’ve included may seem down right obvious – but sometimes those are the tactics we forget over time, when we assume that kids should already know basic routines and behaviours.

Love these tips:

“You need to get into kid culture” – Rob Plevin.

“Teachers who are comfortable chatting with their students outside the classroom…tend to get much more respect from their students, and tend to find students responding much more positively to them” – Rob Plevin.

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