By crikey I’m thankful for Bill Rogers!

A recent YouTube search for behaviour management strategies lead me to the Australian behaviour management expert and education consultant, Dr. Bill Rogers. Wow. Seriously. This man is so down to earth and approachable, his videos are extraordinary in their simplicity and logic. I felt like I had finally found an expert who echoed my personal beliefs and values in terms of classroom management. It was affirming for me to know that I had already been using some of the excellent strategies he outlines without even realizing it, but I also learned loads more! I have had classes where I explicitly trial different techniques of his and they have been successful every time. They are simple, effective, positive strategies which are underpinned by positive teacher-student relationships and respect for the dignity and rights of individuals. It’s a win-win mentality.

I am yet to read one of Bill’s publications, however I have viewed most of his YouTube clips. I also came across an amazing summary by fellow blogger Tom Sherrington, titled “Behaviour Management: A Bill Rogers Top 10” – this provides a beautifully concise overview of some key principles outlined in Bill’s work. For now, I’ve included a short clip of Bill and I hope this inspires you to explore his work further.

Love this quote:

“There’s many, many things in the lives of our kids, and their parents, that we simply can’t control. Substance abuse, long term unemployment, generational poverty and so on. But by crikey can we create safe, sane environments at school” – Bill Rogers

2 thoughts on “By crikey I’m thankful for Bill Rogers!

  1. I benefited greatly by going to a Bill Rogers presentation in Bundaberg in the early ’90s. He is fantastic! Underpinning his techniques is a sense of care and respect for children. Managing children is about influencing their behaviour not demanding it. It all starts with relationships! Want to influence a child? Start by working on your relationship with the child. Bill Rogers models this implicitly in his techniques.


    1. Thanks for the comment, Michael! That is awesome that you got to go to a presentation of his! I agree with you that relationships are the starting place with behaviour. I just love the clam, respectful nature of Bill’s approach. Thanks for reading!


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